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Free… Donovan Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson

26 Mar

For Beautiful weather & Freedom


Sunny with a High of 72!

26 Mar

Two things I Love are Spring and Bicycling…Together they are Magical!

I feel the breeze across my face as I ride under the bright blue skies and sunshine. The Creek the trail follows makes subtle waves with the wind as the wildflowers wave to say hello. The grass sparkles with the morning dew as birds fly carefree above my head. I pass under forgotten rail road tracks rich with history and imagine where they lead and hope to follow in the travelers footsteps soon…

I LIVE for moments like this; the Sense of Adventure and the Illusion of Freedom. On mornings like this, I forget about the things that occupy my thoughts and life and focus on Enjoying Existence! I like to look at these moments and think of them as trial runs; Ones to prepare me for a Great Adventure ahead. Until that day I will Treasure these little, but Extraordinary moments. I’m discovering that the “little things” in Life are often what makes it most Beautiful!

“Break my Heart for what Breaks Yours”

20 Mar

Passion is defined as “any powerful and compelling emotion.” Compel means to “force or drive”

To have passion is to have such strong emotion that it forces you to move!

Break my Heart till it moves my hands and feet”

How do you go about finding your passion? I read once that passion is easily found by first discovering what breaks your heart. My heart breaks when I see commercials of children in poverty… when I see their beautiful faces amongst those terrible conditions…. I picture all the beautiful children I have the privilege to know and try to imagine them in that situation and my heart breaks… you see it is easy to push the visuals out of your mind and dismiss it when you believe these children are of another world…One removed from your own. Reality is…They are a part of this world; the VERY one you are living in. Sure their country is a thousand miles away, but by plane you’d be there in a few hours….Think about it!

Unfortunately Poverty is a VERY real situation in North America as well. In 2009, 43.6 million people (14.3%) were in poverty…We are lucky to have a government who aims to support these people, but people still fall between the gaps…And here we assume since the government is “taking care” of them we don’t have to…WRONG! 

John 21:15-20 Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord he said, “You know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me?” He answered, “Yes, Lord, you now that I love you.” Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.” A third time Jesus asked, “Simon son of John do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him a third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you!” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”…..”Follow me!” 

Why would Jesus ask Peter 3x’s then proceed to tell him “Feed my Sheep” three times as well? I believe the Lord was trying to get Peter to understand that if he truly loved the Lord he would follow Him and take care of all that are His. Why sheep? Sheep are the dumbest animal created. Literally! They are animals who will wander aimlessly with out fear of any danger. Hmmm…. sounds a lot like humanity…(Interesting fact…I dissected a sheep brain for a Psych class. We dissected a sheep brain because it was most similar to the human brain…CRAZY! ) Humans are prone to wander. The Lord knew that we could be easily swayed, He knew we needed someone to show us how to live. That is why He sent His son Jesus for us.

But NOW until the Lord returns, as Christians we have to be more than just a statement of faith….We have to be Followers of Christ….We have to show others how to live, how to keep moving forward, how to hold on to hope when there is nothing else, we need to feed, clothe, and provide a home for ALL of God’s Children! Which by the way….Is EVERY person He Created!

While I am on the path to discover my passion… I will aim to Love, Take care of, and Lead the Beautiful people God has placed in my life.

Break my Heart for what Breaks Yours…Everything I am for Your Kingdom’s Cause…”

Cozy….But Bored!

11 Mar

Life is a Funny thing I’ve decided! We each want so much out of this life, but there are so many restraints keeping us from REALLY LIVING; some external and some internal. The BIGGEST restraint in my life, unfortunately is one I place on myself! My CONSCIENCE is so HUGE it won’t let me make a mistake. That is what life is about isn’t it? Making mistakes and learning from them? It isn’t perfection I strive for either, I know I’m not perfect nor will I ever be…Part of me wants to call it God’s wisdom, but I don’t believe God wants me to play it safe. 

My BIGGEST Enemy is a thing I call my Comfort Zone! I like it there, it’s cozy, doesn’t force me to do anything, it is clean and spot free from the blemishes of the world, but the truth is I’M BORED!! Sometimes I think I will venture out into the “Great Unknown,” but the thought of tripping enters my mind (after all I have never been good at walking!) The idea of making a mistake and becoming vulnerable is DEATHLY frightening, and saying the wrong thing or becoming socially awkward isn’t too appealing either! 

In spite of these fears, I have a DEEP yearning to FLING OPEN the door of my CoZy living quarters and RUN; leaving my conscience and fears in the dust! I can already feel the breeze against my face, and taste the adventure, as I take in all it’s sweet uncertainty! AHhhhh… FREEDOM! 

That is what I will do this year! I WILL Fling OPEN the door and RUN…for Freedom’s sake, maybe Love’s sake, For LIFES Sake. I am going to recapture this life; this gift God has given me! It’s about time I live! I’m not actually sure what that means or what I will do this year, but I know and Trust that God will show me! I have a StRange suspicion that I won’t be leaving God in my Cozy Comfort Zone… He will be opening the door for me and running a step ahead! Maybe this time Next year I will have a few good stories to tell! COUNT ON IT!! 

There is Beauty in Interviews?!

9 Mar

There is always a list of emotions you face from the moment you find out you have one!!

Utter Shock-Excitement-Anxiety-Preparedness-Confidence-Anxiety Again!!

I HATE that part right before the interview when my stomach is in knots and I’m in my car trying to convince myself that I can do it, and once I am as convinced as I’ll ever be, I realize…. I have to Pee!! Blah… I forget about it; Take a deep breath and Tell myself, “Be yourself.” Off I Go….

You know the interviews are NEVER as bad as I imagine them to be…in a weird, perhaps twisted way… I ACTUALLY enjoy them!

My Reasoning… It is AMAZING to feel interested in! When someone asks me a question and listens to my response I LOVE IT! I do realize their motive is to fill a position, but Still….

What if we took our focus off ourselves (me included!) and took an interest in others? How wonderful would it be if people knew they were heard and their opinion mattered? Wouldn’t people feel needed? Wouldn’t people be convinced of their worth again? 

Each Person is a Treasure you will NEVER find again!” (Stolen from a friend’s facebook)

That being said…. Take a Risk! Get to know those around you! Imagine the stories you will hear, the advice and encouragement you will receive, and the amount of understanding you will have for those around you. I imagine it would be a WHOLE LOT Easier to SeRVe and LoVe others as well! 

Who knows? You might find you like the person you initially disliked! 

CrossRoads…And Little Steps

9 Mar

I have a…..LOVE/HATE relationship……..with Cross Roads!

Cross Roads are Great, because you can fantasize and imagine where you will go next with your life!

They aren’t so Great, because you have to make a choice! I should count my blessings that I actually get a choice…

I have been at a Cross Road for a couple months now, and asking myself, “What’s Next?” I realized that if I ever wanted to get out on my own (which I do!) then I would have to look for a better paying job! OR….(I liked this better) take the opportunity presented and do mission work with a friend in Northern Ireland for a year!

Before applying for the Pais Project, my friend and I prayed for nearly a month. We were certain that God wanted us to go. Originally my interview was scheduled 2 weeks prior, but the director forgot he was going to be at a conference for 2 weeks. The night before the rescheduled interview….my friend stayed at my house last minute (the roads were too icy to make it home!) We both had terrible feelings about going…we couldn’t figure out why…so naturally we prayed for an answer! We felt like God was saying no…so we each contacted Pais and let them know we were no longer interested. Boy! Was that the hardest thing to do! I feared that door was closed forever! We later realized God closed the door on Pais, but perhaps not on going to Northern Ireland! We found out that my friend’s pastor was a missionary in Northern Ireland and knows ten people who are residing there and involved in church planting and missions! We are still awaiting for the contact information…. hopefully we will know a little more soon!

Fast Foward a Couple Weeks….. I heard about a position opening at a Disability Support Center for the summer… of course I was interested, because I have some experience and I need money for the summer months! So I applied that day for a pee-on position… I got a call the next morning from Human Resources! The man asked me since I had my BA in Psych if I would be interested in a Service Coordinator/ Case Management position… Here is the kicker…. THIS was THE Job I was VERY interested in immediately after graduating college and EVEN applied for it ATLEAST 2x’s…AND Now it is in my lap? (BAFFLED)… I had an interview yesterday and it went well, Ill know the Verdict at the end of the month…

So HERE I AM….At a CROSS ROAD…. Northern Ireland??? Better Paying Job???

I won’t lie…My Heart is in Missions….BUT….I can’t Afford Missions yet either…. Perhaps GOD knew that I needed to pay off the Wonderful (Not Really) College Debt first… WHO KNOWS?!!!

Wanna Know Something Else?! My BIGGEST Fear about the JOB is that I will ACTUALLY like it and Want to Stay…. I don’t want to get too comfortable, because then I will be settling for “Ordinary” when my Heart Really Desires the “Extraordinary!”

I Stumbled Across this Bible verse last night AND it Spoke Wonders!!!

“FAITH is the CONFIDENCE that what we Hope for WILL ACTUALLY happen!” “It gives us Assurance about things we cannot see” Hebrews 11:1

SIGH…I believe you can make yourself CRAZY trying to figure out which way to go on YOUR OWN!!!

I WILL Dare to Trust a GOD who knows ALL of the DETAILS!! 

Little Step…..Little Step……LORD, Please Guide My Steps….Little Step….Little Step….Little Step….

Well…Here Goes!

6 Mar

Hello Blogger World!

This is my first Blog EVER, so Bare with me! : D I have been writing since I knew I could, which means I have a cedar chest STaCKeD FULL of Journals! Some of which I would rather burn, but that is another story! Other than music, Pen and Paper has always been my Release. My thoughts would like to Drive me CRAzy! (Don’t worry, I won’t break out in the N’SyNc song, although it is Currently going through my head). My journals are filled with Memoirs, Song lyrics, Poems, Quotes, Revelations, Words from God, My struggles, HoPes, DreAms, and My JoUrNey with the Lord. I have shared the contents with VERY few People, I must admit I kind of like it that way. The idea of being completely vulnerable is Quite Scary! BUT………. I had a “LIghT BulB” Moment!

Everything that I have written over the years has ONLY Benefited…..ME….

WHAT IF…The things I have written will speak to others in some way? WHAT IF…Someone reads this and knows ATLEAST one other person can relate?! WHAT IF…This could help plant a SEED in Someone’s Life that Blossoms into a RelaTionShIp with the LoRd?! 

Is it Worth the Vulnerability………? ABSOLUTELY!!!

The Purpose for this BLOG is to share my Thoughts and Inspirations, Perhaps my Past Entries… AND This WondERFul JOuRney the LORD has me On…Not sure Where it Will take me, BUT PLEASE join me for the RidE!

Until NExt TiME…..