CrossRoads…And Little Steps

9 Mar

I have a…..LOVE/HATE relationship……..with Cross Roads!

Cross Roads are Great, because you can fantasize and imagine where you will go next with your life!

They aren’t so Great, because you have to make a choice! I should count my blessings that I actually get a choice…

I have been at a Cross Road for a couple months now, and asking myself, “What’s Next?” I realized that if I ever wanted to get out on my own (which I do!) then I would have to look for a better paying job! OR….(I liked this better) take the opportunity presented and do mission work with a friend in Northern Ireland for a year!

Before applying for the Pais Project, my friend and I prayed for nearly a month. We were certain that God wanted us to go. Originally my interview was scheduled 2 weeks prior, but the director forgot he was going to be at a conference for 2 weeks. The night before the rescheduled interview….my friend stayed at my house last minute (the roads were too icy to make it home!) We both had terrible feelings about going…we couldn’t figure out why…so naturally we prayed for an answer! We felt like God was saying no…so we each contacted Pais and let them know we were no longer interested. Boy! Was that the hardest thing to do! I feared that door was closed forever! We later realized God closed the door on Pais, but perhaps not on going to Northern Ireland! We found out that my friend’s pastor was a missionary in Northern Ireland and knows ten people who are residing there and involved in church planting and missions! We are still awaiting for the contact information…. hopefully we will know a little more soon!

Fast Foward a Couple Weeks….. I heard about a position opening at a Disability Support Center for the summer… of course I was interested, because I have some experience and I need money for the summer months! So I applied that day for a pee-on position… I got a call the next morning from Human Resources! The man asked me since I had my BA in Psych if I would be interested in a Service Coordinator/ Case Management position… Here is the kicker…. THIS was THE Job I was VERY interested in immediately after graduating college and EVEN applied for it ATLEAST 2x’s…AND Now it is in my lap? (BAFFLED)… I had an interview yesterday and it went well, Ill know the Verdict at the end of the month…

So HERE I AM….At a CROSS ROAD…. Northern Ireland??? Better Paying Job???

I won’t lie…My Heart is in Missions….BUT….I can’t Afford Missions yet either…. Perhaps GOD knew that I needed to pay off the Wonderful (Not Really) College Debt first… WHO KNOWS?!!!

Wanna Know Something Else?! My BIGGEST Fear about the JOB is that I will ACTUALLY like it and Want to Stay…. I don’t want to get too comfortable, because then I will be settling for “Ordinary” when my Heart Really Desires the “Extraordinary!”

I Stumbled Across this Bible verse last night AND it Spoke Wonders!!!

“FAITH is the CONFIDENCE that what we Hope for WILL ACTUALLY happen!” “It gives us Assurance about things we cannot see” Hebrews 11:1

SIGH…I believe you can make yourself CRAZY trying to figure out which way to go on YOUR OWN!!!

I WILL Dare to Trust a GOD who knows ALL of the DETAILS!! 

Little Step…..Little Step……LORD, Please Guide My Steps….Little Step….Little Step….Little Step….


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