There is Beauty in Interviews?!

9 Mar

There is always a list of emotions you face from the moment you find out you have one!!

Utter Shock-Excitement-Anxiety-Preparedness-Confidence-Anxiety Again!!

I HATE that part right before the interview when my stomach is in knots and I’m in my car trying to convince myself that I can do it, and once I am as convinced as I’ll ever be, I realize…. I have to Pee!! Blah… I forget about it; Take a deep breath and Tell myself, “Be yourself.” Off I Go….

You know the interviews are NEVER as bad as I imagine them to be…in a weird, perhaps twisted way… I ACTUALLY enjoy them!

My Reasoning… It is AMAZING to feel interested in! When someone asks me a question and listens to my response I LOVE IT! I do realize their motive is to fill a position, but Still….

What if we took our focus off ourselves (me included!) and took an interest in others? How wonderful would it be if people knew they were heard and their opinion mattered? Wouldn’t people feel needed? Wouldn’t people be convinced of their worth again? 

Each Person is a Treasure you will NEVER find again!” (Stolen from a friend’s facebook)

That being said…. Take a Risk! Get to know those around you! Imagine the stories you will hear, the advice and encouragement you will receive, and the amount of understanding you will have for those around you. I imagine it would be a WHOLE LOT Easier to SeRVe and LoVe others as well! 

Who knows? You might find you like the person you initially disliked! 


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