Cozy….But Bored!

11 Mar

Life is a Funny thing I’ve decided! We each want so much out of this life, but there are so many restraints keeping us from REALLY LIVING; some external and some internal. The BIGGEST restraint in my life, unfortunately is one I place on myself! My CONSCIENCE is so HUGE it won’t let me make a mistake. That is what life is about isn’t it? Making mistakes and learning from them? It isn’t perfection I strive for either, I know I’m not perfect nor will I ever be…Part of me wants to call it God’s wisdom, but I don’t believe God wants me to play it safe. 

My BIGGEST Enemy is a thing I call my Comfort Zone! I like it there, it’s cozy, doesn’t force me to do anything, it is clean and spot free from the blemishes of the world, but the truth is I’M BORED!! Sometimes I think I will venture out into the “Great Unknown,” but the thought of tripping enters my mind (after all I have never been good at walking!) The idea of making a mistake and becoming vulnerable is DEATHLY frightening, and saying the wrong thing or becoming socially awkward isn’t too appealing either! 

In spite of these fears, I have a DEEP yearning to FLING OPEN the door of my CoZy living quarters and RUN; leaving my conscience and fears in the dust! I can already feel the breeze against my face, and taste the adventure, as I take in all it’s sweet uncertainty! AHhhhh… FREEDOM! 

That is what I will do this year! I WILL Fling OPEN the door and RUN…for Freedom’s sake, maybe Love’s sake, For LIFES Sake. I am going to recapture this life; this gift God has given me! It’s about time I live! I’m not actually sure what that means or what I will do this year, but I know and Trust that God will show me! I have a StRange suspicion that I won’t be leaving God in my Cozy Comfort Zone… He will be opening the door for me and running a step ahead! Maybe this time Next year I will have a few good stories to tell! COUNT ON IT!! 


2 Responses to “Cozy….But Bored!”

  1. Cafe March 15, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Heya! I totally know what you mean about the cozy comfort zone but the yearning to fling the door open and run. And ya know, once you do it the first time and experience that freedom you think you’ll find, you’ll have even more incentive and less fear to do it again. I think you’ll have a few good stories to tell us THIS YEAR 😉
    Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging 🙂

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