Sunny with a High of 72!

26 Mar

Two things I Love are Spring and Bicycling…Together they are Magical!

I feel the breeze across my face as I ride under the bright blue skies and sunshine. The Creek the trail follows makes subtle waves with the wind as the wildflowers wave to say hello. The grass sparkles with the morning dew as birds fly carefree above my head. I pass under forgotten rail road tracks rich with history and imagine where they lead and hope to follow in the travelers footsteps soon…

I LIVE for moments like this; the Sense of Adventure and the Illusion of Freedom. On mornings like this, I forget about the things that occupy my thoughts and life and focus on Enjoying Existence! I like to look at these moments and think of them as trial runs; Ones to prepare me for a Great Adventure ahead. Until that day I will Treasure these little, but Extraordinary moments. I’m discovering that the “little things” in Life are often what makes it most Beautiful!


One Response to “Sunny with a High of 72!”

  1. Cafe April 23, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    That does sound magical and where I’d love to be right now! Except I’m afraid of bicycles, so walking through a beautiful nature trail like that =P

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