I have lived in the same town all my life with the exception of the four years I was “away” for college. (A whole 30min.) I have a BA in Behavioral Science, which is just fancy words for Psychology! The funny thing is my heart isn’t in it….My heart is really for Missions. Ill get there someday. My faith is in the Lord to make it happen! Well, most days…

I have worked with kids my whole life, and I love it! Mainly, because I can play all day with out too much judgement!

I LOVE Music. I have a hard time containing myself when a good song comes on (even in public)!

I embarrass myself ATLEAST once a day, so after a while a girl learns to not take her self so seriously!

I AM very Grounded, but LOVE Adventure. Traveling reminds me that the world is much BIGGER than the “little” world I live in. It keeps me living for the 2 billion others, rather than for myself. Traveling also Opens my eyes to God’s Beautiful creation…EVEN Humanity

People fascinate me- each has a unique yet marvelous story to tell…

I think WAY too much and mostly in circles. GOD is The ONLY one who can silence my ENDLESS thoughts. He Patiently Listens and always gives me peace of mind; reminding me He is much BIGGER and can see the “Big Picture.”

Well….That’s me in a Nutshell…



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