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5 Jan


The most profound thoughts come to me while I am in motion. I may be cruising, cycling, jogging, walking, or hiking, it doesn’t matter! As long as I am moving the thoughts come! It’s as if all distraction is removed, burdens are lifted, and my focus redirected.

Maybe THE BEST things in life come to us while we are in motion! Nothing good EVER comes when we are sedentary. Like sedimentary rock we become compressed and crushed by the weight of our troubles and fears. The more we remain stationary, the more we are weighed down and the more hopeless we become. It is much more difficult to push ourselves up from beneath the rocks than to cast aside or avoid the few pebbles that cross our path while we are IN MOTION.

As we MOVE we have to have direction. Dreams become that direction. They are essential to anyone desiring to live a meaningful life. Being the Daydreamer I am, I have learned that Dreams on their own, get you NO WHERE!! They have to be backed by motivation and determination. Reaching them begins with a step…then another…then another; NEVER ceasing, FOREVER Moving!

Naturally, as I was cycling this afternoon, I had a profound thought! Presently,most people are spending their time scripting and striving after their New Years Resolutions. Why not make them Life Resolutions?! No time limit… Just vow to Move forward each day. Find your direction and make those choices that will lead you there…ONE BABY STEP at a TIme!!

I Imagine we will reach our dreams so much sooner than we expect!



Shattering Crowns of Vanity

21 Dec


Life has a way of teaching us lessons and awakening us to our own folly. It’s funny how these lessons aren’t learned until the tables turn!

You see, I have prided myself on my ability to keep the opposite sex (of those I was romantically uninterested) at a remarkable distance. I in fact, am the QUEEN of it! Which I must say contributes greatly to my lack of male friends. I kept them at bay out of fear I’d give the wrong impression.

Firstly….How incredibly vain of me! Secondly…. I am filled with regret as I consider every boy- now man, who has fallen victim of my madness! They were and are wonderful and interesting people who I may never receive a second chance to know.

The source of most my grief, perhaps, is that I believed myself to be doing something Noble… For I was in the business of protecting and preserving hearts! (Notice Sarcasm Please). Regretfully, I fear this has done more harm than good. Dealing with matters of the heart IS tricky business. You don’t want to leave people feeling rejected completely and you certainly do not want to lead anyone on. There surely has to be a balance.

Boundaries are good to establish from the start, especially when you suspect someone is interested. Nobody wants their heart strung along! Like me, do not, however, make the mistake of creating a boundary that reaches the land east of the Atlantic!!! This prevents some really cool people from entering your life and can contribute to their heart break as well.

I have come to learn that the rejection of friendship is much worse than the rejection faced in the romantic sense. Nothing’s worse than feeling unworthy of time and affection from someone you care to know. I also learned that when one seeks to know you, they find you interesting and worth their time. Embrace the chance to get to know those people. That means they truly accept you as you are.

Inevitably there will be times when the question and interest for a relationship may arise on one or both parties. When this occurs, immediately evaluate and address it together. Whatever the decision, (whether to progress or maintain) work to keep the friendship! And if the decision is made to remain friends, celebrate it!  I have always hated the phrase “JUST friends.”  How and When for that matter did friendship ever come to be viewed as LESS than it’s romantic counterpart? (Food for Thought)

Each person is an irreplaceable and unique treasure. Those you allow into your life often become the most valuable.  I have come to the realization that when you keep people at a distance you miss out on the blessings and fullness they can bring to your life.

Perhaps, I cannot change the past, but I can alter what I do in the present. So, Pardon me please as I remove my crown as Queen and shatter it upon the ground! Ill continue to guard my heart and protect the hearts of others, but I refuse to deny anyone my friendship.


24 Nov


“A Whole day to myself,” I thought, “What shall I do?” As my mind perused the possibilities, it rested upon getting dressed up (for a Saturday that is) and hitting downtown! As I cruised downtown with the crisp, fresh breeze coming through the window, a new store caught my eye. In the store’s title was the word, “books,” and I was hooked! I pulled over, approached the old brick building and reached for the door. I was not prepared, however, for what I would find as I entered.

It was a wonderland for the senses! The books were enough to draw me in, but the exposed brick walls, eclectic/retro design, and the smell of coffee was enough to keep me there. All of a sudden my senses were awakened. I suddenly wanted to touch every book, absorb it’s contents, vicariously live through each character, and welcome it’s adventure.

The rough uncovered books with intricate design and Old English font beckoned me. Not wanting to disappoint I came near. I saw the classics written by the Greats; Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Ernest Hemmingway. I carefully selected two of the classics, purchased them in addition to a hot cup of tea and settled in a cozy corner chair.

An hour passed, then two, then three as the characters came to life and introduced me to a world unlike my own. I glanced up and saw the beautiful people who entered and roamed the store with the same light in their eyes I had just moments before. I couldn’t help but wonder at their story; those moving, breathing, living stories. 

They were not unlike the characters in the books. They each have a unique purpose, each have a lesson to learn, each hold their own perspective, and each are influenced by the life of others. All intertwined like the characters in our books.

 I hoped they were creating a good story for themselves. I hoped they were alive enough to dream and brave enough to chase it. I prayed they wouldn’t give up when their efforts seemed in vain. I prayed they were living life with intention and had the courage to be who God created them to be. 

You see, you and I are both characters. If one of us isn’t living up to his or her purpose, it isn’t just a story that will be lacking, it’s the whole world that will. 

When I pushed open that door, Inspiration came to me. It came to me in the form of a classic novel, a cup of hot tea, an acoustic blend of music, and a cozy corner chair to which I could observe and marvel at the amazing, living, stories surrounding me. 

When the owner turned over the “Open” sign, I arose and exited the door. Not as the same person I came in, but a person with a changed perspective. A character who had found inspiration. A character who saw all the potential and all the fullness of life ahead. This character will now move, breathe, and live out her story. It will be a good story, one I will certainly cherish. Thank you, for Giving me my inspiration and living up to the people you were meant to be. 

And as for you my dear reader, I pray your life and story will be one you will cherish as well




Dear _________

9 Nov


Come my child and enter in.

Let me tell you of your beauty.

Let me tell you how much I love you.

I have searched your soul and inner-most being and I ACCEPT you


Not for who you want others to see, but for WHO YOU ARE.

My Child, I LOVE YOU
Now, Go and Live Like you are Loved! 

You don’t have to seek approval from others, you’ve already got mine!


Your Heavenly Father

Ditch the Rose Colored Glasses!

8 Nov


Take off the rose colored glasses and look around. What do you see? I see a reality, a terrible reality that wasn’t meant to happen. It happened when we chose to go our own way. When we forgot how it feels to be SAFE in HIS arms.

In a life FULL of suffering, pain, and confusion to be wrapped in HIS arms makes it worth it. To be EMBRACED by OUR Creator, by THE God of the Universe is unlike anything in the world. Why would we ever stray? Why would we think anything could compare?

When I took off my glasses, I SAW; I REALLY SAW… I didn’t like it. I can’t imagine the realities God can see. I can’t imagine how much HIS heart is breaking…My heart is breaking and I haven’t seen for myself, only heard…Only heard of stories; witnessed the pain in their eyes; saw their vulnerability; felt their release rushing forth like a ton of crashing waves…

You Lord, See FAR Beyond, You see the Scene played out before you; each attack, each blow, you hear each cry. Lord, we BLAME YOU, All the while YOUR heart is breaking… You say, “Come back child, it’s SAFE Here.” You try to get our attention in every way, but we turn our heads, put on our headphones and drown out the sound. You CALL us BY NAME, but we CHOOSE to believe the mocking and lies others apply to us.

Why won’t it stop? We won’t stop it! We won’t stop the distractions. We won’t stop believing the lies. We won’t stop time and SEEK YOU…

You, Lord are THE Only one who Truly knows us, Truly Loves us, and Truly accepts us.

It’s time to LISTEN… It’s time to CHOOSE God…It’s time to take off the rose colored glasses that have so distorted our view and move forward with our more clear and accurate vision. Without recognition, things can’t change…and this world needs a little change…it starts with us. Seek God with me.


Change is Gooood!!

9 Jul

In the next few months there is going to be a lot of change in my life. In a week from today I will be starting my “Big Girl” job and soon be getting my own place!! I have been mentally preparing myself for the coming change and responsibility. I have been thinking a lot about the woman I long to become as I take that next big step toward independence. Like every multi-tasking girl does…I made a list!

I Am GOING to be a Woman who…

  • Puts God First and Pursues Him daily
  • Listens for Gods voice and follows His lead
  • Works hard and does everything the best I can
  • Speaks words of love and encouragement to those around me
  • Forgives and Loves without condition and with holds love from no one.
  • Embraces the outcasts; making them feel at home
  • Is aware of the needs of others surrounding her and has the courage, faith, and drive to meet them
  • Moves through life with Grace and without fear for the future
  • Trusts God in ALL seasons of life
  • Doesn’t fear failure and always willing to try new things
  • Constantly dares to move outside of her comfort zone and never plays it “safe”
  • Is confident in who she is and gives herself the freedom to be herself around everyone
  • A Great Wife, Mother, and Friend!

It would be naive to expect to become this woman over night! It would take years and years!!! Becoming the person we long to be can NEVER JUST be a 180 degree turn… it’s more like 180, 1 degree turns…(How is that for encouragement?!!)

Life is ALOT like those slow moving literary films where the characters evolve over time; a little more through each event, each interaction, and each relationship. I often get restless at the lack of action and fast moving plot, but there is something BEAUTIFUL in the slow moving pace. It is the journey the characters travel that leaves us pondering and reflecting after the film…not the actual change in character.

If I am lucky enough to live until I’m old, wise, and shriveled, I’d want to look back at my life and look fondly on the story God crafted for me. I want to know without a doubt that I lived it well; that I responded to each event and circumstance with grace and gusto, that each interaction held a greater purpose, and that I loved those in my life as my good Lord loved me! Years from now my hope is that the woman in the mirror would be a reflection of the woman I long to be.

The journey to becoming the man or woman you desire to be can start now! Let’s do this together!! 😀 You In?!

Daydreamer…That’s Me!

9 May

It was another Sunny 75 degree day and the only company I needed was my bicycle and nature. I rode until I saw a grassy knoll positioned under the shade of a beautiful tree over looking a creek. Like Nature Always does, it beckoned me to come and sit for a spell….

I could easily be one of those people who daydreams their life a way! I sat/laid there for over an hour letting my thoughts venture to the unknown, my past, my future, my dreams and aspirations, to the woman I long to be… In my dreams, I was running through fields of wildflowers, I was across the country and the world helping people, I was holding the hand of my husband and chasing after life together…

All of these things I desire. The reason daydreams are so sweet is because I can have, hypothetically, EVERYTHING I want in life….at THIS instant!

I have what most people refer to as “extreme patience,” except when it comes to waiting for the “life” things. I guess with our technology, we are so used to having instant gratification that we have become to expect it in ALL aspects of life. Life’s not instantly gratifying…it’s much slower than that…it’s more about the journey than the end result…

Good things come to those who wait,” I hear, but the impatient beast inside of me says, “You gotta grab life by the horns!” Arrrgggh! I’m looking for balance, I NEED balance! Perhaps waiting is better in some cases and “grabbing life by the horns” is best in others…

We can’t sit there and wait for a job to fall into our lap, We’ve got to hit the pavement and apply; We’ve got to seek out opportunities and do the work to make it happen and THEN wait to see where God takes it from there! And Waiting, as much as it kills me, is best when it comes to “finding” a spouse. It is best to go slow until both have worked their way into each other’s hearts. Since I desire to be pursued, I am choosing to wait. Oh, such a pity it is when one realizes they cause their own pain! ;D Go Ahead…Call me a masochist, but in this area, I will gladly suffer, because I know it will be worth it! I want my future husband to be sure about me before he asks me on a date…I want him to pursue further when he knows I am the one for him.

So I WILL Wait, and I WILL Run, and I WILL Pray to God in BOTH!

I could lay here for three more hours until the sun goes down, but my empty stomach makes a sound and I have 7 miles to ride until I’m home…So off I ride from my heavenly place… Yet, as I ride I still feel heaven with me..