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24 Nov


“A Whole day to myself,” I thought, “What shall I do?” As my mind perused the possibilities, it rested upon getting dressed up (for a Saturday that is) and hitting downtown! As I cruised downtown with the crisp, fresh breeze coming through the window, a new store caught my eye. In the store’s title was the word, “books,” and I was hooked! I pulled over, approached the old brick building and reached for the door. I was not prepared, however, for what I would find as I entered.

It was a wonderland for the senses! The books were enough to draw me in, but the exposed brick walls, eclectic/retro design, and the smell of coffee was enough to keep me there. All of a sudden my senses were awakened. I suddenly wanted to touch every book, absorb it’s contents, vicariously live through each character, and welcome it’s adventure.

The rough uncovered books with intricate design and Old English font beckoned me. Not wanting to disappoint I came near. I saw the classics written by the Greats; Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Ernest Hemmingway. I carefully selected two of the classics, purchased them in addition to a hot cup of tea and settled in a cozy corner chair.

An hour passed, then two, then three as the characters came to life and introduced me to a world unlike my own. I glanced up and saw the beautiful people who entered and roamed the store with the same light in their eyes I had just moments before. I couldn’t help but wonder at their story; those moving, breathing, living stories. 

They were not unlike the characters in the books. They each have a unique purpose, each have a lesson to learn, each hold their own perspective, and each are influenced by the life of others. All intertwined like the characters in our books.

 I hoped they were creating a good story for themselves. I hoped they were alive enough to dream and brave enough to chase it. I prayed they wouldn’t give up when their efforts seemed in vain. I prayed they were living life with intention and had the courage to be who God created them to be. 

You see, you and I are both characters. If one of us isn’t living up to his or her purpose, it isn’t just a story that will be lacking, it’s the whole world that will. 

When I pushed open that door, Inspiration came to me. It came to me in the form of a classic novel, a cup of hot tea, an acoustic blend of music, and a cozy corner chair to which I could observe and marvel at the amazing, living, stories surrounding me. 

When the owner turned over the “Open” sign, I arose and exited the door. Not as the same person I came in, but a person with a changed perspective. A character who had found inspiration. A character who saw all the potential and all the fullness of life ahead. This character will now move, breathe, and live out her story. It will be a good story, one I will certainly cherish. Thank you, for Giving me my inspiration and living up to the people you were meant to be. 

And as for you my dear reader, I pray your life and story will be one you will cherish as well