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5 Jan


The most profound thoughts come to me while I am in motion. I may be cruising, cycling, jogging, walking, or hiking, it doesn’t matter! As long as I am moving the thoughts come! It’s as if all distraction is removed, burdens are lifted, and my focus redirected.

Maybe THE BEST things in life come to us while we are in motion! Nothing good EVER comes when we are sedentary. Like sedimentary rock we become compressed and crushed by the weight of our troubles and fears. The more we remain stationary, the more we are weighed down and the more hopeless we become. It is much more difficult to push ourselves up from beneath the rocks than to cast aside or avoid the few pebbles that cross our path while we are IN MOTION.

As we MOVE we have to have direction. Dreams become that direction. They are essential to anyone desiring to live a meaningful life. Being┬áthe Daydreamer I am, I have learned that Dreams on their own, get you NO WHERE!! They have to be backed by motivation and determination. Reaching them begins with a step…then another…then another; NEVER ceasing, FOREVER Moving!

Naturally, as I was cycling this afternoon, I had a profound thought! Presently,most people are spending their time scripting and striving after their New Years Resolutions. Why not make them Life Resolutions?! No time limit… Just vow to Move forward each day. Find your direction and make those choices that will lead you there…ONE BABY STEP at a TIme!!

I Imagine we will reach our dreams so much sooner than we expect!